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BKC Brooklyn Kayak Company Aluminum Wall Mounted Kayak/SUP/SURF Rack

Out on the water, kayaks are graceful, elegant craft that can be controlled with ease and that bring pleasure to all who paddle them. But anyone with much kayaking experience can tell you that back on land, yaks can be kind of a headache. Where are you going to store that big long vessel when the paddling is done for the day? Outdoor kayak storage is great if you live in a crime-free neighborhood and you have plenty of extra space, but those aren't always the circumstances. If you need to store your kayak inside, are you going to let it dominate the floor of the garage? Or sit there filling up a room in your home? No! Of course not. Instead, you're going to use the Brooklyn Kayak Company's BKC Wall Mounted Kayak Rack to sling your prized personal watercraft against the wall, reducing the amount of space it occupies while taking advantage of previously unused wall space. This simple, sturdy kayak rack system installs in just a few minutes using basic tools and included hardware, and its wide U-shaped racks can accommodate just about any kayak, not to mention any stand-up paddle-board or surfboard. A pair of hooks set below the main kayak rack space can hold your paddle, and you can also hang a leash, lifejacket, and other gear on the hooks as well. Finally, your yak will be out of the way yet in easy reach. And as an added bonus, having a kayak or board on the wall just looks pretty cool. It's like a storage solution and an aesthetic flourish all in one
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